How far can you wander off your ship in a day and be back for dinner???

Tours are an option when you want to explore more land.  Tour operators offer great variety of destinations, sightseeing and activities.  Luxury coaches come with a driver and a tour director to attend to your every need and wish if possible. 

Why to choose a tour:

·  Convenience – spend less time planning and more time exploring

·  Expertise – tour director know what’s best

·  Guides – professional team of local guides and tour leaders enhance your adventure

·  Access – participating in a group tour opens up more opportunities

·  Cultural Immersion – get first-hand knowledge of the destination’s customs, traditions, and people

·  Companionship – a great way to meet others

·  Support –  full team of experts with you every step of the way

·  Affordable – there is power in numbers, the best rates are negotiated  for you to get the most value out of your package

·  Safety – someone always has your back

Where would you go on a tour?