Cruises are very popular way of vacation.  They appeal to families and couples, Cruise ships sail popular itineraries and less chartered waters.  More and more cruise lines offer solo staterooms.  Voyages can be just the way you like it – busy every day or relaxing all day.  There is always plenty to do on the ship or ashore.

Cruise Lines can be divided into two big categories:

·  Ocean-going vessels

·  River boats

Ocean-going vessels by size can be divided into small, mid-size and big ships.  Let’s say 100 guests, 1,000 guests and 5,000 guests range.  River boats are all small, but still can differ in size and accommodate approximately from 10 to 100 guests. There is great variety of destinations, accommodations, activities and themes.

Why to choose a cruise:     

·  Multiple Destinations

·  Unpack/Pack  Just Once

·  Onboard Activities

·  Easy to Organize

·  Meet New People and Socialize

·  Relaxing

·  Variety of Ships and Itineraries

· Variety of Food and Dining Options

·  Family Friendly

·  Romantic and Exotic

Where would you take a cruise?